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Partially Locked! :D

I'm openly adding friends.


-- Don't add me without saying a word. Even if you just PM me saying "I like Pokemon", that's fine. Otherwise I'll assume you're either just a troll/spam-bot or...one of those people that adds people like crazy without really looking at them. Like how I used to be.

-- Don't defriend me without saying anything, because you'll make me a sad panda. Seriously, it's not cool. Because of my self-esteem issues, I will assume that I have done something wrong or offensive and angst about what it could've been. At least tell me why. If something I say offends you or make you uncomfortable, please, PLEASE tell me. I never want to offend someone or make them uncomfortable. I will apologize if you tell me.

-- I hate trolls and spam bots. LEAVE. ME. ALONE.


-- This journal has naughty things an adult filter in it! :P If you want to see something that I have filtered (for example the adult filter), PM me and I'll add you. (as long as you're not going to spam those entries or whatever) Also, there's a multiple filter. If you want to read those entries, then I'll have to get to know you better. Unless you're multiple too, then you're automatically added. XD there is also a fanfic filter! (So far writing an Animorphs story and an Avatar: the Last Airbender story) if you want to read them, just ask me via PM or something! :3

-- I AM A NERD. (especially for Pokemon)

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EDIT: Got rid of comments because fuck the spam bots...just PM me if you want to be added

I miss my best friend.

Also known as Allyshar on here. They haven't talked to me since
September 30 and I don't know why...

Thanks y'all for being supportive.

As soon as my netbook is back up, I'll write an entry explaining things...

I can't stop crying.

I feel horrible...

The Iron Man 3 trailer

Wait does this mean Jarvis is dead since the house was destroyed?

Pfft. Found this on tumblr.

Dad and Debbie gave me birthday money!

And a decent looking book on prayer. Now, as for the money...guess who brought herself a new netbook at Rite Aid with the money?
IMG_20120914_181648This dork!

...I miss writing.

Anyone want to read anything?

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