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Partially Locked! :D

I'm openly adding friends.


-- Don't add me without saying a word. Even if you just PM me saying "I like Pokemon", that's fine. Otherwise I'll assume you're either just a troll/spam-bot or...one of those people that adds people like crazy without really looking at them. Like how I used to be.

-- Don't defriend me without saying anything, because you'll make me a sad panda. Seriously, it's not cool. Because of my self-esteem issues, I will assume that I have done something wrong or offensive and angst about what it could've been. At least tell me why. If something I say offends you or make you uncomfortable, please, PLEASE tell me. I never want to offend someone or make them uncomfortable. I will apologize if you tell me.

-- I hate trolls and spam bots. LEAVE. ME. ALONE.


-- This journal has naughty things an adult filter in it! :P If you want to see something that I have filtered (for example the adult filter), PM me and I'll add you. (as long as you're not going to spam those entries or whatever) Also, there's a multiple filter. If you want to read those entries, then I'll have to get to know you better. Unless you're multiple too, then you're automatically added. XD there is also a fanfic filter! (So far writing an Animorphs story and an Avatar: the Last Airbender story) if you want to read them, just ask me via PM or something! :3

-- I AM A NERD. (especially for Pokemon)

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EDIT: Got rid of comments because fuck the spam bots...just PM me if you want to be added

Mary looked like shit.

Jordan had fallen asleep next to his girlfriend's hospital bed after she had been found. It had been about four days since the Cleansing and Ciel was...well, it didn't really warrant that name anymore.

Instead of a world wide metropolis, there were grassy fields and hidden forests just about everywhere one went. The entirety of Ciel's buildings were centered in a small village, with each building being gargantuan on the inside compared to its outward appearance. For example, a wooden cottage held all of Ciel's residential structures. A single story building held multitudes of businesses. A series of different colored tents served specific purposes; for example, the black tent held all of Ciel's morgues, graveyards and funeral homes.

The air had this fresh feeling to it, like when one held a newborn baby or watched a sun rise after a long night. Currently, Jordan (and a good portion of Ciel's residents) were in the white tent. Serving as the world's medical hub, the tent held all the hospitals, doctor's offices, and health clinics.

After the pink and turquoise light had pierced Ciel's Heart, everything had been enveloped by said energy. It seemed to last for-a minute? An hour? No one really knew-ages but when it faded the world had changed completely.

The fact that it had actually been nearly two days was only discovered when Jordan tried to hook up to the MultiNet.

Mary was found unconscious on the third fay near a pond. There were some deer, some birds, even her two horses lounging nearby. Once the skeleton crew had brought the now winged Sylph of Heart back to base, Jordan hadn't left her side.

Mary was much lighter now, weight wise. Her bones were much more hollow, like a birds' skeleton than a humans'.

He wondered if the bat like wings coming out had been painful. (Jordan certainly hoped not)

As for the rest of Ciel-he really had to stop calling it that-it was going as smooth as it could when the whole world was essentially reset.

Fry was due to go on trial for his crimes within the week. They would've held it sooner, but people were still getting people accounted for, burying the dead and searching for the missing.

Jordan thought that it was the best time as ever to have a nap.

I miss my best friend.

Also known as Allyshar on here. They haven't talked to me since
September 30 and I don't know why...

Thanks y'all for being supportive.

As soon as my netbook is back up, I'll write an entry explaining things...

I can't stop crying.

I feel horrible...

The Iron Man 3 trailer

Wait does this mean Jarvis is dead since the house was destroyed?

Pfft. Found this on tumblr.

Dad and Debbie gave me birthday money!

And a decent looking book on prayer. Now, as for the money...guess who brought herself a new netbook at Rite Aid with the money?
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