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Grasping a Shield of Hope in One Hand...

Holding a Black Sunflower Tightly In the Other.

17 September 1989
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-Begin Fur Code-
FCm5admr A++ C D+ H++ M++ P++ R- T W Z+ Sf+ RL- a cdnw+ d? e f- h+ iw++ j++ p- sf
-End Fur Code-

-Begin TLK Code-
TLK++ A++ B D+ U++ Gts+ L F++ Mt++ Pscmv+++ W+ S++ Tnc++ RLHM a cdwnx+++ e h++ iwt++ lrwz49g p- sf
-End TLK Code-

S1.3 (Simpsons Code)
-Begin Code-
LIS++ MAG+++ BAR+ HOM+ SLH+ NED++ APU++ CBGo f+/f++ n+ Io $+ CABF13, 2F13, 3F03, 4F07, 4F22, 5F04, AABF14, AABF20, BABF06, BABF19, HABF01 F1989
-End Code-

Multiple Code (MuC)
-Begin Code-
MuC N-- f;f/f/m/m S.H+/S.Mfj A(b- r-/?) Os We/Ww/Wc/Wd Cc I- OF(r- o++) Ppre Fxpr^/F#/F~/Fnw T^ Xb+(s!/p%/s) Ju Do R+ C+++ So
-End Code-

{ wear }